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Lawn care weed control lawn fertilizer. Humboldt Pocahontas Gilmore City Iowa

Lawn Care

Lawn weeds crabgrass preventor

Crabgrass Preventor

Step #1

Broadleaf weed control in iowa

Fall Broadleaf

Step #4

Lawn weed control

Broadleaf Control

Step #2

Grub control for lawn

Grub Control

Optional Application

Lawn fertilizer

Winter Fertilizer

Step #3

We offer a variety of applications to help your lawn thrive. We are licensed and trained to properly apply chemical and fertilizer applications which help control common lawn issues from crabgrass, dandelions, clover, ground ivy, grubs and much more. Sign up for 1 application  or sign up for all of them, we will build a program just for your lawn. Give us a call at 515-375-6090 for a free quote for your lawn.

Weed Identification

Winter or Summer Annual

Black Medic

Trifoliate leaves. The central leaf has a longer petiole than the others. Small cluster of yellow flowers that mature into a black fruit cluster. Indicates low fertility.


Perennial Broadleaf

Canada Thistle

Leaves have smooth surfaces and spiny margins. Pink to purple flowers. Aggressively spread from rhizomes. Initially established from seed.

comm purslane.jpg

Summer Annual Broadleaf

Common Purslane

Prostrate, mat-forming growth habit. Leaves and stems are thick and succulent. Stems are often purplish red. Small yellow flowers.

ground ivy.jpg

Perennial Broadleaf

Ground Ivy

Kidney-shapes leaves with rounded teeth on edges, with square stems. Belongs to the mint family, causing a minty odor when mowed. Spreads by stolons. Purplish blue flower petals.

prostrate spurge.JPG

Summer Annual Broaleaf

Prostrate Spurge

Opposite, green leaves often with a maroon blotch. Hairy pinkish stems that exude a milky sap when broken. Small white flowers. Found in thin turf.


Perennial Broadleaf

White Clover

Trifloiate leaves with or without wedge shaped mark. Each leaf has short petiole. Flowers are white and turn pink as they age.  Indicates low fertility.


Perennial Broadleaf

Broadleaf Plantain

Rosette growth habit with elliptical to oval-shaped leaves. Leaves are usually smooth with light green petioles. Leaves appear waxy.


Winter or Summer Annual 

Common Mallow

Circular to kidney shaped leaves with shallow lobes & toothed margins. Whitish five petaled flowers. 

Dandelion weed.jpg

Perennial Broadleaf


Leaves have distinct wavy margins that form into irregular 'toothed' appearance. Bright yellow flowers transform into globe-like, grayish white seedheads.


Summer Annual Broaleaf

Prostrate Knotweed

Prostrate growth habit with branched stems. Leaves are alternately arranged. Small white flowers are barely visible. Found in compact soils next to drives and sidewalks. 


Summer Annual Grass

Smooth Crabgrass

Prostrate growth habit as plant tiller in summer. Leaf blades and sheaths are smooth with few fine hairs. Seedhead is digitate with 3-5 finger-like spikes. 


Perennial Broadleaf

Wild Violet

Low growing plant with heart shaped shiny leaves. Plants spread by rhizomes & seed. Violet like flowers. Commonly found in thin turf often in shady areas.

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